Running around Toronto

(Yeah, as if I’d actually run …)

Breakfast today was at a place called Cora’s – average coffee, but the food was delicious. Toronto seems to be another one of those towns that wakes up a bit slowly but on a Sunday morning who can blame them.

We followed the ‘visiting a city for the first time’ tradition and jumped on the Hop on Hop of bus to get the lay of the land. We waited in the hotel lobby which was kinda pretty with its waterfall trying to disguise the fake fire behind.

After a few minutes of waiting, a bus came to pick us up and …took us to the bus. A bit odd, but hey saved us walking to he next corner. Maybe I don’t get out much, but I’d never see a ‘side-saddle’ shuttle bus like this before.

Once on the proper bus we perched ourselves on the upper deck and toured around. It’s a big city, with some interesting buildings.

The CN tower

A fountain full of puppy dogs

More of the CN tower. Gosh it’s tall.

I think we found Times Square / Piccadilly Circus

It also has some pretty low bridges…

It was nice hearing our Canadian bus tour guide, whilst we were driving down ‘Hospital Row’ – make a very clear point about the wonders and benefits of having a universal health care system.  Go Canada!!

Despite being allegedly only 23 degrees, it was a wee bit warm up there in the full sun at midday, so we did a loop then popped into a “Timmy’s” for some frozen lemonade. Like, proper lemony drink, not Australian lemonade.

Included in the ticket for the bus was a ticket for a boat. We got there and found that not only was there a boat tour – also included, totally free of charge, was a very long queue. Fortunately that’s about the same time Perry realised that a tour we’re taking in a few days also includes a trip on the water – so we opted out of this one and went for a wander.

We walked along the waterfront a little – seeing this amusing “W’otter Taxi” – they had names like “Scout’s Otter” and “Otter people’s money” – looks like you can build a whole business out of Dad-jokes after all 🙂

After a good bit of walking it was lunch time, which was also a good excuse to get out of the meet.  Found a mall, found a food court, found some lovely Greek food – win!!

We kept on with this ‘staying out of the sun’ idea, by noting we were quite near a cinema that was showing the “Mamma Mia Here We Go Again”  movie, in “VIP Class”, no less.  Just like Gold Class at home – nice big comfy seats, but the popcorn wasn’t free.  I didn’t think the movie was that great, but it was definitely rescued by Cher – she put in a fantastic performance.

After that, we did a bit more wandering back to the hotel. via Chinatown, to get a bit of a break (valuable blog-writing time 🙂 ) before heading out to dinner.

Dinner was at the interesting-named “Fred’s Not Here”. We never did find out why Fred wasn’t there – but did find one thing that was: great food. Delicious beef brisket – super tasty, very tender, and just pretty awesome all round. Nice one Fred, even if you’re not here.

And that’s it for the day! Pretty sure I still haven’t completely recovered from yesterday’s 4am wake up so it’s an early night. Gonna be a fun day tomorrow – it involves water and falls, and I’m not talking about slipping over in a puddle.

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