I would walk 500 miles …

… and I would walk 500 more. But only if I did 3000 laps of the Promenade deck. There are signs telling us that three times around the deck is a mile.

Today is a sailing-only day, no port stop, so after gorging myself on a delicious breakfast, I took a turn around the deck, four times just for fun. I’m sure I walked off maybe half a pastry, if that. 🙂 It also meant I had time to get a haircut up on deck 9, which was handy.

Since we’re sailing, sorry there’s nothing to photograph that I haven’t already photographed – so not many (or any) pictures of the great outdoors today.

So here’s a snap or two from the inside of the ship.

Lounge in one of the loft lobbies

Bar stools on the lido deck

Another lift lobby

We’re officially in Canada now, but nobody told Mother Nature about borders – the land looks much the same as it did. We can’t tell we’re getting further south though, there’s next no snow on the mountains we’re passing now.

So, it’s the last day of the cruise. Since we’re not transferring to a tour, or to ship-arranged accommodation, we are eligible for “expedited departure” tomorrow morning. Hopefully that means we’re not in a queue of 1,000 people all wanting to get off at once. I guess everyone will queue up anyway, despite the repeated instructions to “please wait until your group is called to depart”.

What’s it been like? It’s my first ever cruise so I don’t have too much to compare it to. But in short, it’s been great! Before it started I wondered about a few things. Would I get seasick? Would I totally die of boredom? Would being cramped up in a tiny room really kinda suck? I’m happy to say that the answer to all of those is a resounding no.

I used to get motion sickness as a kid, but seems I’ve grown out of it coz there was no problem there at all. It probably helped that it’s been smooth sailing the whole way – there’s very little of the cruise that’s out in he open ocean, so that would have helped. Most of he time you don’t even feel like you’re moving til you look out the window and see a hundred thousand spruce trees gliding silently by.

Boredom? Never an issue. I loaded up my iPad with enough tv shows movies and books to kill a donkey, but all I have watched is 3 episodes of Firefly (good show!). Having shire excursions most days has really added the variety, ensuring no two days have felt exactly the same.

As for being cramped up in a little room – it was larger than I thought, which is always nice. Room to sleep, plenty of storage, and room for a lounge plus a desk and chair. And a nice long balcony. The amount of available space was a lot more than I thought. Or maybe I’m just easily pleased after thinking back to the shoebox in London a few years ago. And if you wanted to escape the room there were plenty of places to go. Tons of good food, a number of bars, a lounge that spans the whole front of the ship, a few pools, or of course just walking around the promenade deck.

Every single member of the crew has been fantastic. Polite, efficient, friendly, but not robotic. Can’t fault the service at all. Well, except the internet service – that sucks.

Now I am a seasoned cruising veteran (lol) so I have any tips? Well there a few things we discovered along the way. Think long and hard before signing up for a drinks package. In hindsight we probably would not have signed for unlimited soft drinks, we didn’t get though the three or so per say each that we’d need to break even. But definitely do sign up for unlimited laundry. It’s maybe a mundane thing, but so very useful.

I asked Perry if he has anything other tips to add – he noted that for this particular cruise, choosing the port side was a good move. His other good piece of advice was to be early for food at the all-you-eat places. It can get a bit hectic in the middle of breakfast lunch and dinner.

In the early afternoon we attended a great “ask the captain” session, where Captain Smit came to the main stage and gave a presentation about he bridge of the ship, how the ship operates, and who does what. It was really interesting. And being a Dutchman, it was refreshing to hear his very direct way of discussing things, and his dry sense of humour.

I don’t have any new and exciting photos to share – no whale sightings, no otters, no sealions … so instead here’s a whole bunch of pictures of food. Enjoy – we sure did!

Tomorrow, we disembark early in Vancouver. It’s been a great cruise – sure, we’re some of very few people under 60 but it’s ok, a cruise can be as active, or inactive, as you want it to be. Nice work, Holland America Line.

Now I have to go re-pack the bags. Oh boy. See ya in Vancouver!

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