All at sea…

I think for he next seven days these blog entries might be pretty short. And not just because I’m only able to upload a few photos per day.

Today, we’re st sea, no stops, just us, a boat, about 1800 other people, and the endless sea.

So, not many photos I can post about the view. This has been the view from our balcony for the whole day:

We haven’t been dying from boredom though – we had brekky down in the dining room, wandered around the decks past all the different bars and restaurants, enjoyed some cocktails, and visited the “taco station” for lunch – just walk up and build your own tacos from a whole bunch of ingredients.

We also attended a talk in the theatre regarding how to make the most of the stops we’ll be making on the journey.

In the afternoon we had room service deliver us a cheese plate and some bikkies, because, you know, why not? It’s all included in the price, after all.

It has, very literally, been smooth sailing, the boat very slowly and gently rocks just enough so you know it’s happening, but not that it’s a problem. As someone who used to get really car sick as a youngster, I’m happy to say I’ve been absolutely fine so far.

Haven’t seen any whales or any other wildlife, but with any luck that will change tomorrow once we get out of the open sea and into Glacier Bay. You’d never guess – it’s a bay. With glaciers!

Before dinner we attended a session in the theatre where the captain took a moment to introduce himself. From his accent it was very clear to tell that Holland America lines does indeed employ people from The Netherlands. (I was waiting for him to mention ‘shmoke and a pancake’, but no. )

We have learnt that you kinda need to sick to the somewhat regimented dining hours – but we did still get to enjoy some very tasty pizza, and some good desserts from the parts that were still open. I mean to say, you’ll never go hungry as there’s room service available all the time, this was just for dining in a dining area.

When we returned from dinner we found he sure fire way to know you’re in a cruise. That’s right, a towel animal 🙂

The view could be pretty much exactly what we woke up to – water. It’ll all change tomorrow – looking forward to getting up close, but not too personal, with the glaciers of Glacier Bay.

‘Til then, happy cruising!

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