A bus, a boat, and some bears

Today was the day we farewelled Anchorage, and took a bus down to Seward, to start out cruise to Vancouver.

Kate, our driver, is just an all round lovely human being. She’s lived in Alaska for a good 30 years and know it inside out – it was great hearing about her experiences and life as an Alaskan. Our trip to Seward wasn’t a mad dash, there was time to stop at a few lookouts, and an excellent wilderness sanctuary – they take in injured or orphaned animals, like bear, musk ox, wolves, lynx, moose, caribou, etc. Although we had a whole hour here it did in a way feel rushed, could probably have spent a bit more time there conversing with the bears and watching the wolves. Fascinating place. And as a result, there’s a ton of photos. As for how many I can share, that all depends on the slow internet on board this boat. Man those wolves are photogenic though…

(This is only about half the photos I wanted to upload, it’s just taking tooooo long to upload them)

The scenery pretty much the entire way from Anchorage to Seward was just incredible. Mountains, glaciers, more mountains, trees, trees, trees… it was unrelentingly gorgeous, I don’t know how you could ever get sick of it. (well, maybe when it’s 20 below zero and totally in covered in snow)

We reached Seward around 1PM, the boat was already sitting there waiting, so on we went. Here goes the cruise! The ms Westerdam is suitably large, we eventually found our room (sorry, stateroom) without too much bother. It’s quite nice, I’d heard that generally boat rooms are pretty small – this isn’t huge, but larger than I was expecting. There are bars and food places and entertainments strewn about all over the ship – we popped up to the top deck for a spot of lunch, had a wander around, and then took part in the mandatory evacuation drill. I was a bit surprised that most of the crowd weren’t taking it all seriously – talking over announcements, generally carrying on. But anyway, job done, then it was time for a very nice dinner. Considering the dinner is included in the price of the cruise I didn’t have the greatest of expectations, but was really impressed with the food.

I’m less impressed with the internet – but I kinda knew I’d end up caving in and buying it. They did warn us it would be a bit slow – and yep that’s pretty accurate.

So not a very big update today – but that’s what we did. Travelled to Seward, got on a boat, an set sail. Right now it’s 11PM and still bright as anything. Yep it still weird, yep I’m still not used to it. But it sure is pretty.

Tomorrow we’re all at sea. All day. Might give more time to upload the other pictures:)

Good night!

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