So long, Seattle…

I’ll split today’s blog into multiple entries – mostly because we have a lot of time to kill here in the SeaTac airport lounge, and I’ve taken lots of photos of planes.  Such a good view here of the runways.

The day started pretty early at 6, as we’d ordered a car for 7Am to take us to the airport.  Making sure we didn’t get in trouble for the weight of our luggage, we filled up the new bag we bought.  I must say, it’s really starting to put the ‘lug’ into luggage.  We attached our standard final-day ‘calling card’ to the lamp in our room, and checked out of the hotel.


Rather than try to lug all of the luggage to the Light Rail station 700 metres away, this time we just ordered a car.  And there was a pleasant surprise when it pulled up.  I was expecting something like a Camry.  Instead, it’s a Tesla!

That was kinda cool – it’s weird not having an engine starting up  before the car starts moving.

We breezed through airport security (yep that actually happened), and found our way to the Alaska Lounge despite it not being signposted at all, go figure.  It’s very pleasant, it has important things like coffee.  Just drip-filter stuff, not worth rating on the iScott Coffee Scale, but it did the trick.  It also had one of those pancake machines, so of course I had to give it a go.


It’s not too easy to see what’s going on – but I did a time-lapse – pancakes in 6 seconds:


(As an aside, Perry discovered yesterday that sometimes it will link to some other random video.  If so, just try reloading the page).

After that I just sat back and watched all the planes go by.  It’s really busy – at one stage there were at least ten planes all lined up just waiting to take off.  There’s n awful lot of Alaska planes here too, once of which will be ours.

We should be boarding for Alaska, on Alaska, in about half an hour.  So in the meantime, here’s a bunch of plane photos, including a Disney one.  I’m no planespotter so I don’t even know who’s a Boeing, who’s an Airbus, and who’s a something-else – but I’ll post ’em all anyway in case anyone’s interested.


And so, next stop will be … Anchorage, Alaska. See you then!

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