…hello, Alaska!

We boarded our flight to Alaska, and spent a while on the tarmac at Seattle airport. This wasn’t a surprise considering the long queues of planes i was seeing when we were waiting in the lounge.  But no dramas, eventually our Boeing (of course, it’s Seattle!) 737-900 was on its way. While we were boarding some of the cabin crew were chatting with incoming passengers, and I guess being in Seattle it’s not a surprise that some of them would work for Boeing.  I heard a few ask “This is a Boeing, right?” as they boarded, (I mean, wouldn’t they know?) and a comment from the cabin crew that some people aren’t happy now they’ve taken over Virgin America and some of their fleet is from Airbus. Maybe it’s true, maybe she was just trying to placate the Boeing guy, who knows.  Was amusing, anyway 🙂

There was plenty of  room on our comfy ‘First Class’ seats , however not as much room on all the other planes.  The seat did have a nifty little fold-out tiny-table, just the thing to hold the traditional warm nuts.


Failing the legroom test in row 1. Still plenty of room to be comfortable though.

Lunch was a surprisingly tasty Chicken Bulgogi-style dish – really nice, full of flavour.

 Other than that it was just another routine flight – Alaska Air staff were really friendly,and they handed out chocolate not long before landing, which is always nice. I mean, when ever is chocolate not a good idea?

After (eventually) getting our bags from the carousel we made it to the hotel.  Now it’s far too early to say if this is indicative of Alaska in general, but things do seem to run at a bit of a different pace. Eventually we were checked in, and happily our room was ready even though we arrived an hour before the offical checkin time, which was great.

The room itself is clean, tidy, and even has a seperate lounge room, which is a first for this trip. It also has an excellent view … of somebody’s truck.  Still, a vast improvement on the view from the room in Seattle 🙂


It also has another one of the dinky hotel room drip-filter coffee machines, with a local (ish) coffee-bag this time. It didn’t taste too bad, as far as filter coffee goes.  Better than the starbucks one at the Seattle hotel.


It was time to do some washing again – I thought we were in luck as there is a dry cleaner directly across the road.  However, they only do dry cleaning, not a normal ‘wash and fold’.  But as luck would have it we then found out the hotel has its own laundry – so, armed with a stack of quarters, we washed our clothes in Tide, threw them into the Speed Queen to dry (she lived up to her name!), and all done.

While waiting for the Speed Queen to do her thing, we wandered up the road to the Midnight Sun Cafe – nice little place, had a delicious Turkey Avocado melt, and I made sure I put a pin in their “Where are you visiting us from” map.


Later, for dinner, we headed to the nearby La Cabaña restaurant, mostly because it was a minute’s walk away and they had a deal where hotel guests get 10% off. Score!

It proved to be a good idea- delicious Mexican food, promptly served. And they had fried ice cream. What’s not to like?

After that, it was time to walk all the way back to hotel (again, for one minute), and wonder how the heck 9:30pm can look like it’s 2pm outside, it’s still so light, and will remain so until about 11:30 tonight. I know it’s just coz it’s way up north, so it’s not magic, but I’m so not used to it. They posted a handy sign at the hotel. In July, on average, there are 21.36 hours of daylight.

The general streetscape in our part of town is kinda, I dunno, bleak.

There was a 9.2 earthquake back in the sixties, so I guess it helps explains why there are lots of very solid, but not very tall, buildings. Still, as we learnt in Seattle, you can’t judge a whole city based on one block. So tomorrow, we’re off to discover a bit more about Anchorage.

As they say on the telly, stay tuned! 🙂

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